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Car Wreck on Parks – Strackbein Injured – Here’s The Law

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On 05/16/2015 at mile 252 of the Parks Highway in Healy, Zachary Butt of Wasilla fell asleep while driving northbound on the Parks Highway. He rolled his 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt off the southbound shoulder. Passenger Victoria Strackbein of Wasilla was badly injured and medivaced to Providence in Anchorage. Because it sounds like her injuries are serious, here is what Ms. Strackbein needs to know about related insurance claims: (1) Liability insurance on the occupied vehicle is first to pay; (2) Underinsured Motorist insurance (UIM) and Medical Payments (MedPay) insurance on the occupied vehicle is second to pay; (3) UIM and MedPay on Ms. Strackbein’s own vehicle – even though it was not in use at the time – is third to pay; (4) UIM and MedPay on any other vehicle insured by anybody related by blood or marriage living in Ms. Strackbein’s household is fourth to pay; (5) Find out whether Mr. Butt was acting for anybody else (agency) or on the job (course and scope of employment) when the wreck occurred as you may have additional insurance available. Finally, she should pay close attention to AS 09.10.070’s two (2) year Statute of Limitations. She has two (2) years to either settle her claims, or file a lawsuit, or she will lose valuable legal rights, including the right to compensation. She should find a solid personal injury attorney she trusts and call him/her right now. Best of luck. /s/ Ward Merdes