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Alaskan Drivers Need Sunglasses

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It is (past) time to buy sun-glasses for winter driving. As the sun slowly creeps higher each day, Alaskan drivers need to pay more attention to sun-glare. Alaskan pilots are familiar with the term “clear and severe.” Automobile drivers should be similarly familiar. It is bright, shiny and fully of glare out there.

We are seeing more-and-more automobile wreck caused by drivers being blinded by glare. Folks are getting badly injured for want of visibility.

We thus strongly recommend that all Alaskan drivers get a good pair of polarized sunglasses for winter – and soon spring – driving. They are no longer expensive, and they just might save your life. Like leaving your headlights on at ALL TIMES, polarized sunglasses are cheap insurance.

Surf to www.SlowDownAlaska.org for more Alaskan safety driving tips.

Be safe out there.

/s/ Ward Merdes