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Car Crash At Old Steese & Goldstream – Warrants Further Investigation

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News outlets report that 54 year old Daniel Abbett recently died from single-car crash injuries arising at the intersection of Old Steese Hwy. and Goldstream Rd. just north of Fairbanks, Alaska. Mr. Abbett was apparently traveling southbound on the Old Steese, lost control of his pickup and crashed.

The Troopers cite contributing factors: (1) alcohol; and (2) lack of a seatbelt.

I respectfully suggest there may be other factors the Abbett family should investigate: (1) this intersection kills more people each year than just about ANY other intersection near Fairbanks; and (2) the bar(s) that served Mr. Abbett.

The State of Alaska, Dept. of Transportation knows this is a horrible intersection. They know folks die at this intersection … and have done little to make it safer. It has a bad track record. Furthermore, the bar(s) in Fox know that over-serving patrons is both illegal and results in crashes just like this one.

Alaskan law requires the State to provide reasonably safe roadways. Alaskan law also prohibits bars from serving intoxicated patrons. If: (1) Mr. Abbett's blood alcohol was greater than .24; and (2) this wreck occurred immediately after he left a local Fox-area bar, the Abbett family should inquire further.

While Mr. Abbett is likely responsible for his share of blame, all the cards may not yet be on the table here. This situation warrants further investigation.

My condolences to the Abbett family. I lost an older brother in a car crash. There is no way around it just being a rotten experience. You're in our prayers.

Finally, winter is coming, the road are freezing … let's slow down out there.