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If you, or someone you know, has been injured in a motor vehicle crash, and there is a related injury or death claim act quickly. Alaska state laws limit the time Alaskans have to file a claim or bring a lawsuit.

A statute of limitations is a law limiting the time for you to pursue a legal remedy. Once the statutory period lapses, unless a legal exception applies, an injured person loses his/her right to file a claim or bring a lawsuit.

A statute of limitations starts “running” when an injured person “knew or should have known” that he/she had a claim. Ordinarily, that is the time at which an injury is suffered. For example, if you were hurt in a car crash on 04/01/06 as an adult, your statute of limitations starts to run on 04/01/06. You must settle your personal injury claim, or file a lawsuit, within 2 years.

Statute of limitation questions are complicated and require case-by-case analysis by a qualified Alaskan Attorney . If you wish to know how the statute of limitations applies to a specific situation, you should verify the statutory time period and its relevance to your situation with a qualified Alaskan Lawyer.