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Slippery Roads Are No Excuse – Bridges Are Still Supposed To Be Safe

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The Fairbanks Daily Newsminer reports that 43 year old Peter Fine was injured when his southbound, 1998 Toyota 4Runner slid off the Parks Highway. The accident occurred at approximately 5 p.m. after a fresh snowfall had covered roads in Fairbanks. The key here is that ANYBODY can slide off the roadway, but Mr. Fine’s SUV reportedly spun out of control and hit the guardrail just before going over a bridge. Furthermore, the SUV jumped the guardrail.

The important thing to know here is that a correctly designed bridge keep cars on it. A badly designed bridge allows cars to spin off it. Cars are not supposed to go off bridges … or over guardrails.

Mr. Fines needs to have this wreck investigated by a capable accident reconstruction firm ASAP.

Remember, the Statute of Limitations for injury to adults in Alaska is 2 years. I strongly recommend that Mr. Fines contact a qualified Alaskan personal injury attorney ASAP – and have this case looked into. Surf www.SlowDownAlaska.org for more details.

Drive safely out there.

/s/ Ward Merdes