Fairbanks, Alaska


Ward Merdes

Car Wreck on Parks – Strackbein Injured – Here’s The Law

On 05/16/2015 at mile 252 of the Parks Highway in Healy, Zachary Butt of Wasilla fell asleep while driving northbound on the Parks Highway. He rolled his 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt off the southbound shoulder. Passenger Victoria Strackbein of Wasilla was […]

Ward Merdes

Alaskan Hit And Run Rules Of The Road – Alto

The Troopers report that Frank Alto of Soldotna hit the lower left part of a female pedestrian in his 2001 Ford Taurus – and fled the scene. He was then arrested. Mr. Alto now sits in Wildwood,…

Ward Merdes

Why Not Just Ask?

Spring has sprung in interior Alaska – Fairbanks. The roads are horrible. Snow berms melt during the day – and freeze as the sun sets. Road glare is unbelievably bad. More and more folks are…

Ward Merdes

The Seward Highway Needs Fixed

Alaskan roads are normally dangerous – just like in every other state. Every now and then though a particular stretch stands out as being a poster-child for carnage. Recently, miles…

Ward Merdes

Following Too Closely In Alaska – New Crashes Involved

It rained a few weeks ago in interior Alaska, and has been cold ever since. Interior roads – particularly the Richardson, Steese and Parks Highways – are covered with ice. Our…

Ward Merdes

Why Talking To Insurance Adjusters After A Crash Is Dumb

If you read or watch the news, you've probably heard of shaken baby syndrome. Rather than count to five, meditate, leave the room, or take another proactive measure, an angry parent or…

Ward Merdes

It Is -40F Out There: Stay Home

Seriously, is WHATEVER you have to do so important that you are willing to risk your life on Alaskan roads at -40F?

Stay home. Tomorrow is another day.

Be safe out there.

/s/ Ward Merdes

Ward Merdes

Staying On The Alaskan Road

My brother died in a car crash. He was a restrained front-seat passenger in a Corvette, driven by his friend. His friend hit a puddle, lost control and spun off a Washington State road ……

Ward Merdes

Alaskan Drivers Need Sunglasses

It is (past) time to buy sun-glasses for winter driving. As the sun slowly creeps higher each day, Alaskan drivers need to pay more attention to sun-glare. Alaskan pilots are familiar with the…

Ward Merdes

Rights Against Cousin’s (Family Member’s) Auto Insurance Company

The Juneau Empire reports that a young man was badly injured when the 2013 Chevy Camero he occupied rolled near the Egan Drive and Glacier Highway intersection. The Camero was apparently driven…