Fairbanks, Alaska


Shannon Weidemann

Alaskans Going Overseas for Medical Procedures

Due to high medical costs, in part related to the high cost of medical malpractice insurance, Alaskans are being lured overseas by the low costs of medical tourism.Chuck Klemer, of the Denali area, flew to Thailand with his wife Dulce Havill to receive a hip replacement. They have no health insurance. The operation in the United States would have cost around $40,000. The cost for the trip to…

Staff Writer

Medical Malpractice Awareness Needed

Fellow blogger David Lowe points out that the Association of Trial Lawyers of America was campaining last week to bring attention the death toll from medical errors in America’s hospitals. National Patient Safety Awareness Week spread the word that “Congress Should Protect Patients, Not Those Guilty of Medical Negligence.”David also directs his readers to a fact sheet provided by the National…