Fairbanks, Alaska


Ward Merdes

Yard Sale Signs, Kids on Bikes and Potholes

What do yard sales signs, kids on bikes and potholes have in common? They are all sure signs that spring has sprung. And they are signs that call for increased caution on Alaska roadways….

Ward Merdes

AAJ CEO Jon Haber Resigns – Missing a Good Man

The American Association for Justice’s CEO Jon Haber resigned recently.
He did a great job for the AAJ. His enthusiasm and hard work will be missed. The injured, weak and downtrodden will want for…

James Cool

Escalator Catastrophe Frames Tort Reform Debate for Alaskans

The Anchorage Daily News reports that on February 8, 2009 a three year old girl lost 3 fingers in an escalator accident at an Anchorage J.C. Penny’s department store. According to news…

Ward Merdes

Fairbanks Alaska Boating Accident Injures Two Women – Here’s The Law They Need To Know…

Fairbanks Alaska Chena River boating accident. What the two injured women need to know – to protect their legal rights.

Ward Merdes

Alaska Helicopter Crash Killes 3, injures 14 year old boy

It was reported today that a helicopter crash off the Glenn Highway killed Michael Seward, 37, of Palmer; Thomas Middleton, 46, of Anchorage; Joseph
O’Donnell, 48, of Girdwood; and Benoit Pin, a…

Ward Merdes

Smart Folks File Uninsured Motorist Claims …

Almost all automobile insurance includes “Uninsured Motorist” (UM) or “Underinsured Motorist” (UIM) coverage. Yet, most people who buy this insurance fail to file a claim when they are hurt by an uninsured or underinsured motorist. Here’s what you need to knowUM/UIM coverage is personal. All it requires is that you were hurt by another person who was driving a motor vehicle. You don’t need to be…

Ward Merdes

The Family Trust – Who's Sticking It To Whom?

From an attorney’s perspective, the key is tracking what the surviving spouse did with the money. If he/she simply treated the money as his/her own – and spent it however he/she saw fit, huge problems await down the road. You see, the minute the first spouse died, the trust was set in stone. Rules became important. Sadly, these rules are rarely followed – and the kids lose out. Here is what…

Ward Merdes

Rick Meshew killed in Alaska Conveyer Belt Accident

There was a tragic accident at a Matanuska-Susitna gravel pit on Thursday. The AP reports that Rich Meshew was killed in a conveyer belt accident. He apparently became tangled in the belt and died of related trauma. Accidents like this have been happening with greater frequency of late. It’s a shame that owners /operators of such dangerous equipment fail to improve the safety of such devices….

Jenny Albano

Five Die in Alaskan Plane Crash

A small plane crashed near the island of Ketchikan in Alaska killing 5 passengers. Four people that were on the plane survived.The names of the people aboard the aircraft are not immediately available, but it is known that 3 of the survivors were sent to a hospital on the mainland for treatment of burns. According to a member of the rescue squad the plane crashed into a tree about 200 feet…

Jenny Albano

Small Plane Crashes into House Killing 4

A small plane crashed Monday, August 6, killing all four occupants. The plane crashed into an unoccupied house in Sitka, Alaska. The plane was a single-engine Piper which departed from Victoria, British Columbia. The plane was owned by Hendrickson Aviation LLC, located in Delaware.Lt. Barry Allen of the Sitka Police Department said debris under the plane was smoldering, hampering the…