Fairbanks, Alaska


Ward Merdes

When You Hurt Your Own Kid In A Car Wreck

We are receiving more phone calls from parents who were driving – lost control – and ended up causing a wreck that hurt their own child. Normally, parents never like to think about their own mistakes hurting their children. It […]

Ward Merdes

Crossing Center-Line On The Parks

It’s winter again. The Alaska Dept. of Transportation budget is being slashed with recent budget problems. Alaskans driving on the Parks Highway are thus well-advised to exercise extreme caution. On-coming motorists are crossing the center-line and taking out folks head-on. […]

Ward Merdes

Springtime in Alaska: Slick Roads

Daytime temperatures are again rising above freezing in interior Alaska. It is actually RAINING in Fairbanks. The Parks and Steese Highways are nightmares of black ice. Our phone is ringing with folks who have been hurt by crashes arising from […]

Ward Merdes

Be Careful: Avoid Losing Control In The Rain

Fairbanks is on course to have the largest rainfall numbers in the past 100 years. It is time to slow down on the roads, get better wipers, and ALWAYS drive with your headlights on. It doesn’t hurt to check tire […]