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It is Motorcycle Season Again In Fairbanks – Drivers Look Twice

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With spring comes mosquitoes … and motorcycles. Every spring, it seems Fairbanks' motorcycling crowd loses a few good men (or women) – while a few more are maimed. So much of this could be avoided by simply LOOKING TWICE when we drive our cars.

Statistics show that most motorcycle operators are safe. We only seem to remember the few idiots who race on the Richardson Hwy. between North Pole and Fairbanks … It's like airplanes – we only remember the ones that crash. But in reality, most motorcyclists are safe. The real danger out there is we, those who drive cars. Because motorcyclists belong on our roads, it is up to us to LOOK TWICE.

Like the recent automobile / motorcycle wreck at the intersection of Third Street and Eagle, most crashes occur because the automobile driver wasn't paying attention: "I never saw the motorcycle" is an all too common statement.

Do yourself a favor when driving Alaska's roads this spring: LOOK TWICE and (maybe) save a life.

1 Comment

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    This is an impoprtant point Ward and all drivers need to increase there awareness in the area of motorcycles, bicycles and mopeds. In Hawaii as in Alaska, we have too many injuries and deaths of bikers.