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Christopher Robin Gould Killed. His Family Should File These Claims:

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The Alaska State Troopers report that 33-year-old Christopher Robin Gould was run over and killed by a front-loader at Viking Lumber, outside of Klawock, Alaska. The accident happened this weekend.

Mr. Gould’s family should be aware: (1) the Statute of Limitations for personal injury and death claims in Alaska is normally two years (AS 09.10.070); (2) Mr. Gould’s automobile insurance may be available to help his family with this tragedy. Immediately send notice of claim to Mr. Gould’s insurance carrier; (3) send notice of claim to Viking Lumber. They are very likely liable, unless Mr. Gould was doing something wrong when he was run over; (4) get the incident report from the Alaska State Troopers ASAP – and consider hiring your own investigator; and (5) contact an attorney to help you ASAP. Wrongful death cases like this are very complicated – and require immediate attention before an insurance companies starts “investigating.”

Also, if Mr. Gould was actually working for Viking Lumber at the time, his family should also immediately pursue worker’s compensation claims. This requires a specialized attorney. Check around for a good one.

This is not advertisement. Mr. Gould’s family can call whatever attorney they want. I’m NOT asking them to call me, providing this information as a public service. Mr. Gould’s family could try the Alaska Bar Assn. for a free lawyer referral: 800-770-9999. They can try the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) at www.nbtanet.org (Caveat: I’m the Alaska director for this organization). They can ask their friends for a good attorney. Just be sure to call an attorney who has handled cases like this before. It’s important for Mr. Gould’s dependents.