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Any judge who sues for $65 million due to damage to his pants is an idiot, pandering to insurance company rhetoric that will make legitimate cases more difficult to win. He is hurting you – when you get injured and juries are “sick and tired of stupid claims … like yours.” See the problem? Everybody else’s claim is frivolous. Your claim is legitimate. Trouble is that jury thinks the same way.

When a judge sues a laundry for $65 million (That’s “Million” with a “M”) over a dry-cleaning issues, you have to wonder two things: (1) who is this idiot?; and (2) why would he do such a thing?

Any judge should know the law – at least the most basic parts of it. A real judge knows that our civil justice system is designed to level the playing field, and put folks back to where they were before they were injured. So, unless this judge had $65 million invested in his destroyed pants, his claim is completely bogus crap.

So, why would he make such a claim?

I’m guessing that he either: (1) is bored and wants his 15 minutes; or (2) is building another case that insurance companies can point to, declaring “See, the civil justice system is broken … and we need tort reform to limit such outrageous lawsuits.” Either way, this is a sad commentary that appears to be the result of an idiot judge, bringing a stupid claim, more for the media exposure than any chance of being treated fairly. I say we just round up $100 and send it to him, so he can buy a nice pair of pants – and move on with his life. Or, we just should beat him silly for being an idiot.

Genuinely injured people suffer far more from cases like this. When you (jurors of America) see cases like this, you must cringe. You must get a bit more skeptical about ALL claims – even legitimate ones. You must nudge a bit closer to insurance company rhetoric about “outrageous lawsuits ruining America.”

Hmmmm…. I wonder if this judge was recently hired by an insurance company to file this claim, so that they can again show people how “frivolous” lawsuits are costing us all money and hurting America.

I suspect that an insurance company put this judge up to it.

I physically hurt when I hear of cases like this. I hurt for justice – and I hurt for you if you ever get injured because of another person’s stupidity and/or negligence in a motor vehicle accident, or by malpractice. I hurt when I think of how you will feel when you look upon the jury, and they look back with daggers in their eyes … just “knowing about people like you. You’re probably like that judge who wanted $65 million dollars for a ruined pair of pants.” “Well buddy, I’ll give you nothing for your claim … how about that?” You can then go home and figure out how to pay your bills, feed your family, and get on with your life.

Like the McDonald’s coffee in the lap case, a $65 million dollar claim against a laundry is designed to do nothing but build bad publicity that will hurt those who are the most vulnerable … the already injured. That’s you on a bad day, after you get run over by a drunk.

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