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Palmer and Condry Need An Attorney – Now…

The News-Miner reports that Jason L. Fox fell asleep at the wheel while driving a government vehicle on the Richardson, drove through a concrete barrier, and smashed into a vehicle driven by Thomas C. Palmer. Here is what Condry (Fox’s passenger) and Palmer need to do about it:

Come on, folks. This one is easy. When a person falls asleep at the wheel and drives into on-coming traffic, it shouldn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out who was at fault … Fox. Condry and Palmer need to do this:

1. Since Fox was driving a US Government vehicle, you need to get a Form 95 (Federal Tort Claims Act) form, and file a claim against the US Government. It is not that complicated. If you need help, just phone an attorney. We do a lot of these – and they are not that complicated. The only hitch to know that whatever amount you put on your claim is your UPPER limit – no matter how badly injured you end up being (if you discover more damage later, you’re out of luck if you put in a low number). Put a big number on the form 95. Get an attorney to help you – an attorney who uses Jury Verdict Research (JVR) software. We provide this service for free;

2. Also file claims against your own insurer – whomever insurers your vehicle – sitting in your driveway, at home. I know this sounds weird, but do it. You will need to have these claims in place to cover medical bills and other losses. Again, hire an attorney if this is confusing;

3. Get competent medical attention. Most Alaskan insurers include “Medical Payments” coverage in their automobile policies. That coverage allows you to get treated, and get better in all wrecks. Even the “Medical Payments” coverage on your own vehicle will cover you – when you are in another vehicle. Get medical treatment … now. It is FAR more important to heal up correctly, than to pursue legal claims. Get better;

4. Watch out for the Statute of Limitations. It is two years in Alaska. That means you have two years from the date of this wreck to either settle your claims, or file a lawsuit. This is very important. If you blow this deadline, you are going to lose rights, money and be out of luck. Act today to resolve your claims, or to hire a solid Personal Injury attorney;

Remember, more than 80% of cases like this resolve without having to file a lawsuit. Even Condy, a passenger in the Fox vehicle, needs to get his claims filed. It’s honorable. Fox wants you to be taken care of. Do it.
Do what your doctors say. Get better and call an attorney today. Most good attorneys will talk to you for free – explaining your legal rights. We do this because: (1) It’s good to be kind … lawyers get a bad rap; and (2) if you have a good claim, where we can help you and actually get paid to do our job, we want to represent you. It’s advertising – like this blog. Take advantage of it. Call a good attorney and discuss your rights.

Heck, call me.

Regardless of what you decide, I wish you all well.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Car and Motorcycle Accidents.

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