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If you were hurt in an accident, get immediate medical care. Do not delay receiving medical care until your insurance claim is settled. In fact, many insurance companies will ask that you provide receipts and proof of the treatment that you’ve received after an accident. These expenses are part of your claim, along with the cost to repair your car, rental fees, and the like. Injuries resulting from a car accident are common, and can range from minor to life-threatening. However, many injuries do not present themselves right away. So, even if you feel “fine” following a car accident, it is smart to get a check-up. You may still require medical attention in the days following an accident. Even if you have insurance coverage, you may be required to pay out-of-pocket for the medical treatment you require. If this is the case, make sure to keep track of receipts and paperwork.

One option to help with medical bills is to buy “Medical Payments” insurance (MedPay). MedPay is inexpensive, necessary and useful insurance coverage. It’s also easy to use. Most folks can add $50,000 of MedPay protection to their auto insurance package for as little as $3 extra per month, or less. The extra amount you pay will depend on how much MedPay coverage you select.

If you are then in an accident, you (and your passengers) will be able to go to any medical provider of your choice, and have that medical provider bill your insurance company directly for treatment. Additionally, you do not have to use all of your MedPay funds at the same place. Let’s say that you’re in a car accident where your head strikes the driver’s side window. The next day, you hurt in your neck. You have a bad headache and blurry vision. Your MedPay insurance covers: (1) the emergency room; (2) your family care physician; (3) your chiropractors; and (4) the neurologist. At the very least, MedPay gives you flexibility to get the medical care you need to get better. You can then take your time (watch the Statute of Limitations) to settles your insurance claim. If you are interested in MedPay, call your insurance agent.

Although you may be entitled to full compensation for all of your medical bills following an accident, it is unlikely that you’ll receive this money from an insurance company as soon as you need it. Consider protecting yourself with MedPay to cover out-of-pocket expenses, and if you need assistance with a claim or with getting compensation for your injuries, you may wish to speak with an attorney.

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