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After a motor vehicle wreck in Alaska, many folks try to deal with insurance adjusters on the phone. The problem is that insurance adjusters are trained to always say “No.” It’s in their blood. Don’t feel bad when they tell you “No” – or if they tell you that your injury “just isn’t worth that much…” It doesn’t matter how badly you are hurt – if it’s a head injury, broken / fractured bones, brain injuries, neck/back injuries – whether the other driver was drunk… it just doesn’t matter. Insurance adjusters always say the same thing: ‘No.”

The key is to ignore them – ignore the insurance adjuster’s rhetoric – and follow up with a simple question: “Exactly how did you calculate the value of my injury?” To this question, the adjuster will launch into his/her extensive experience. Don’t buy it. Smile instead and respond with: “I understand that you have worked with other people’s claims … but what experience do you have understanding how this injury affects ME?”

The silence will be deafening. They have nothing.

Then, pull out your Jury Verdict Research (JVR) statistical analysis – showing how your injury is compared to 250,000 similar injuries. Read the verdict amount cited in the JVR report. Ask the adjuster how he/she can refute hard science and mathematics with his/her “opinion.” Be nice: “Gosh, it seems that you have an incentive to low-ball me, whereas JVR doesn’t even know my name…”

The key in dealing with insurance adjusters is having fun. Insurance adjusters in Alaska (and most other states) are accustomed to bullying folks, relying on their “experience” and low-balling. They low-ball and then let you feel like you won when they double their offer. The problem is they offered you 5% of your claim’s value in the first place. Congratulations – you got them up to 10% of your claim’s value.

Instead of falling for their garbage, just be yourself. Be strong. You can do it. Get objective, statistical analysis from JVR, and see if you can settle your own claim. Most attorneys will give you a free JVR statistical claim analysis if you just ask.

If you can’t get what you want from the adjuster … then call an attorney.

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