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Insurance companies sell Alaskan Uninsured Motorist Insurance. Unfortunately, they never tell their clients what it does for them – and never admit that it’s there to help their injured clients after a car wreck. Here’s what you need to know about Uninsured Motorist Insurance…


First, it insures: (1) the NAMED insured, regardless of where that NAMED insured is sitting, standing, walking or sleeping. You are insured even if you are nowhere near your car; (2) all passengers in your insured car (if you have a wreck, be sure to tell your other occupants that you paid for their insurance); (3) all “Resident Relatives” – folks who are related to you by blood or marriage, living in your household. (If your nephew lives with you, and is walking down the street when he gets run over … your Uninsured Motorist insurance covers him.); and (4) all other folks who have claims due to injured occupants. (If a passenger is badly injured, his/her spouse has a claim against your Uninsured Motorist insurance).

Second, Uninsured Motorist insurance STACKS on top of all other insurance. If the other driver is at fault and he/she only has $100K of liability insurance, your Uninsured Motorist insurance covers you IN ADDITION to that $100K.

Third, you need not sign a release of claims in order to be paid. That means you can settle for your “known” injuries today. Then, if other injuries crop up later (they sometimes do) – you can file a second claim against that same Uninsured Motorist insurance.

BOTTOM LINE: Insurance companies don’t want you to know how to use the Uninsured Motorist insurance you bought. Follow the above guidelines, and they will pay your claims.

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