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Single Vehicle Wreck – Passenger Claims Against Driver’s Liability & U/UIM Insurance

Alaska State Troopers report that there was a single vehicle / moose wreck at miles 344.5 of the Richardson Highway on Thursday. Matthew Morgan, 24 was apparently driving. His passenger was Raeleen Morgan – who was injured in the wreck. Both were wearing seatbelts. They were traveling north in a 2004 Chrysler when an adult cow moose “standing in the shoulder of the road stepped into traffic.” The vehicle was a complete loss. Medical teams transported both to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.

The only person who might be at fault for this wreck appears to be Matthew Morgan. Though he certainly didn’t intend to hit the moose, we all know that moose are ubiquitous around Fairbanks. Thousands of motorists pass moose each day – without hitting them. We need to slow down, give a wide safety zone, and stay out of their way. Matthew Morgan apparently didn’t do this – and Raeleen Morgan was injured.

Raeleen needs to file a claim against: (1) Matthew’s liability insurance policy; and (2) the Uninsured / Underinsured portion of Matthew’s insurance policy. Also, Raeleen is entitled to medical payments coverage under Matthew’s automobile insurance policy.

It is important for Raeleen to NOT feel bad about filing such claims. The very reason Matthew bought insurance on his car is to cover situations like this. Just in case Matthew makes an honest mistake – and somebody gets hurt – that automobile insurance is in place, waiting to be used.

Use it … now. File a claim – or hire an attorney to do it for you. Remember, when you have “intra-family” tort situations like this – Raeleen need not even go after Matthew. She has the right to go directly against Matthew’s insurance company. Don’t let the insurance company tell you otherwise. They most certainly will try to make you feel guilty for “suing poor Matthew” – don’t buy that line of bull. The claim is DIRECTLY against the insurance company.

Also, look out for the Statute of Limitations for personal injury claims arising in Alaska. It’s two years. Thus, Raeleen must resolve her claim, or file a lawsuit within two years of this wreck, or forever lose her valuable legal rights. This is huge. It is important. Take action now.

For more information on this subject matter, please refer to the section on Car and Motorcycle Accidents.

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