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Colleen Jones suffered a terrible loss when her husband Randy was killed in a motorcycle wreck. Their insurance companies should be working hard to take care of them. Any bets on whether they will? Hold your breath.

Fairbanks lost a good man on July 12. Randy Jones died in a motorcycle wreck. Riding side-by-side with his wife, the newspaper reports that their motorcycles touched, Randy lost control and died in the resulting wreck. Here are three things that his wife, Collen Jones, needs to know…

First, check your insurance policies for ALL of your vehicles. There likely is “stackable” coverage that can help fill the financial loss that you suffered. For example, look at the liability insurance on your vehicles. Next, look at the Underinsured motorist coverage on Randy’s motorcycle. Next, look in your driveway to see what insurance you have on vehicles that were not even involved in the wreck. The insurance companies won’t tell you this – but there is a good chance that you are entitled to all of this insurance. Small solace for Randy – I know – but please don’t let the insurance companies lead you away from this legitimate claim. Don’t let them blame you. This is exactly why you bought insurance in the first place.

Second, don’t let the insurance companies convince you that it’s “your fault” as they try to steer you away from filing a claim. Alaska recognizes that claims within families are difficult. We have specific laws addressing situations like this. It is a straight-forward claim that can be brought DIRECTLY against your insurance companies.

Third, remember that Alaskan law allows you to make claims for: (1) medical bills; (2) lost wages; and (3) pain/suffering by Randy. See AS 09.55.570 and AS 09.55.580. You don’t need to be told that your loss is huge. Go to for a more in-depth description of how the law works in these situations.

Finally, as a person who has lost family in auto wrecks, please accept our most heart-felt condolences. This is a tough time. Please take good care of yourself. Find a grief counselor, now.

For more information on this subject, please refer to our section on Car and Motorcycle Accidents.

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