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Fairbanks is experiencing a rash of motor vehicle accidents, horrible injuries and deaths. The new snow is (again) forcing folks to test their skills in traffic. Please slow down as you renew your winter driving skills. In case you didn’t get that, let me repeat … SLOW DOWN.

The phone in our law office is ringing off the hook with callers who have been hurt in wrecks. Folks are getting hurt, badly hurt. Do yourself a favor, Fairbanks – take this advice:

1. Buy more insurance. It’s cheap. Get it from any insurer, but get LOTS of it. Focus on Uninsured Motorist insurance because it takes care of you when that drunk idiot slides through an intersection and tries to kill you and your family;

2. Send your kids to driving school. It’s cheap. It’s smart. Do it now. Also, to all of you folks visiting us from other state (military dependents) – please either go to driver training school, or find a desolate, frozen parking lot and learn how your car operates on ice. Trust me, you’ll need this knowledge when you tackle Fairbanks’ streets;

3. Put away your cell phone. It’s dangerous in the summer. In the winter – it’s just stupid;

4. Don’t even think of driving on ice after even one beer; and


Here’s the Bottom Line: I make my living representing people who are injured/killed in automobile wrecks. Please put me out of business. Please save a life of some kid, some parent, some brother or sister… Please SLOW DOWN.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Car and Motorcycle Accidents.

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