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Guy Family Need To Hire an Attorney ASAP…

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that Private Johnny Guy, 22 or Hampton, Tennessee died in a motor vehicle crash in British Columbia. Apparently, Mr. Guy’s private vehicle collided with a tractor-trailer near Bariere. Mr. Guy was assigned to Ft. Wainwright, right next to my home town – Fairbanks. Additional details are missing, but Mr. Guy’s family need to …

1. Realize that Alaskan law will (likely) apply to this wreck for insurance claims. And, because Alaskan law provides for wrongful death claims (some states don’t allow it) an immediate investigation is needed . If the Canadians aren’t doing the investigation (they sometimes don’t), you need to either hire an attorney who works with accident reconstruction specialists (AR), or hire an AR expert on your own. Also, look for an Alaskan attorney who regularly works with personal injury attorneys in Canada. It’s important to get strong counsel on both sides of the border;

2. Keep your eye on the Statute of Limitations. In Alaska, it is two years for personal injury and death claims. You have to either settle your claims, or file a lawsuit within two years, or you will lose valuable legal rights – and claims. Who knows what the limits are in Canada. This is another reason to keep a Canadian attorney involved. Many times, I’ve been asked to help a Canadian attorney who represents Alaskans – who were injured in Canada. I’ve likewise hired Canadian attorneys to help me in cases like this. Get the right team;

3. If Mr. Guy has "dependents," Alaska’s wrongful death claims are amplified. Our laws allow for claims that take care of Mr. Guy’s dependents; and

4. Get on Google "Earth" and find out exactly where this wreck occurred. Get as many clear, color photos as you can, at different elevations. They will be necessary for future evaluation.

Remember, some attorneys accept wrongful death cases like this on a "contingent" fee basis. The Guy family can thus have an attorney investigate claims arising from this wreck at no risk. If there is nothing found (if Mr. Guy was at fault) then there is no charge for the attorney’s services. If the attorney finds fault by the other driver, and collects appropriate compensation for this loss, he/she is normally paid 1/3 of whatever he/she collects. This is very important. Hire an attorney today. This is what we do.

The Guy family is in our prayers.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Car and Motorcycle Accidents.

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