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Other driver in Zehrung accident needs to hire an attorney ASAP.

The Associated Press reports that 24-year-old Denis L Zehrung was killed in a two-car crash this morning on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway. Alaska State Troopers say Zehrung was westbound at mile 6.5 when her vehicle crossed the center line and hit another vehicle nearly head-on. The other driver has been hospitalized. Here is what the other driver needs to know…

1. Get the Police Report ASAP: Cooperate with the Troopers. Be sure to get a copy of the police report as soon as it is finished. The report will include important information about witnesses, causation and other facts that bear upon any insurance claims you might want to bring;

2. Hire and Accident Reconstructionist: Alaska has some good accident reconstruction experts. They are critical in cases like this. They help the parties (judge and jury) better understand who actually caused the wreck. Even though the Troopers believe that Ms. Zehrung crossed the center-line, it must be proven. Hire an accident reconstruction expert ASAP. He/she will check for alcohol use and other factors that might not be immediately apparent to you;

3. File all of your claims: Remember, your first claim is against Ms. Zehrung’s insurance company. Be sure to determine whether Ms. Zehrung was within the “course and scope” of employment for anybody else – since their insurance will cover you as well. Your next insurance claim will be under your own “Underinsured Motorist” coverage. This claim also has to be brought in writing. Finally, if you have any family members who have Underinsured Motorist insurance – file a claim under their insurance as well;

4. Remember the Statute of Limitations: You must either file (in court) your personal injury claims, or settle them within two years, or you will lose many (if not all) of your rights to compensation. This is VERY important. Be sure to get your claims either settled, or filed in court within 2 years of this wreck; and

5. Hire an Attorney: In wrecks like this – with a fatality – it is very important that you hire an attorney ASAP, before the insurance companies get a chance to muck-up the facts. Alaska has many good personal injury attorneys who work across the state. Look for a Board Certified attorney who has experience in cases like this.

You are in our prayers.

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