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Spring has sprung in interior Alaska – Fairbanks. The roads are horrible. Snow berms melt during the day – and freeze as the sun sets. Road glare is unbelievably bad. More and more folks are going to get hurt in car crashes. And here's the kicker: Ninety percent of them will have no clue who was "really" at fault for the wreck.

Why they don't just call an attorney and ask, is beyond me. This is what we do…

Most good personal injury attorneys will take your call. Most will listen to you. Most will at least point you in the right direction – toward the correct "Rules of the Road." Most will share their thoughts on who was at fault. It’s good to know.

I guess it is easier to listen to the police officer who arrived on the scene AFTER the wreck and is looking to write a ticket. Or, it may just be easier to listen to the insurance companies … none of which think ANY wreck is ANYBODY'S fault EVER – because they never want to pay for related injuries. [A Geico adjuster once told me: “It’s your client’s fault. If your client had just stayed home, he would never have been hit by our (drunk) insured.” I kid you not.]

Seriously, when somebody gets smeared in a wreck, why not just ask and attorney to investigate? IT COSTS NOTHING. Alaska has as whole collection of competent, caring attorneys who are more than happy to listen and at least point you in the right direction. Just call one, and ask.

Or, you could go to – and figure it out for yourself.

Slow down out there.

/s/ Ward Merdes

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