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Talk to a qualified Alaskan Personal Injury attorney for free. They are listed here.

Most folks are scared of lawyers. With the bad press a few generate, it’s no wonder.

Yet, there is another side. What most people don’t know, is that they can talk to a qualified Alaskan Personal Injury lawyer for free. That’s right. Highly qualified attorneys are right here in Fairbanks Alaska who will take your phone call – help you evaluate your case – and all for free.

Look for attorneys with experience. Look for Board Certified attorneys who specialize in personal injury and death claims. The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) is the nation’s premier attorney board certifying group. NBTA certification is difficult to achieve. Fairbanks has three such attorneys. You can’t go wrong with a NBTA certified attorney.

Also, look for attorney who use a statistical program called “Jury Verdict Research” (JVR). It’s expensive, but this program allows us to input specific facts about your claim: (1) how it happened; (2) type of injuries; (3) medical bills; and (4) lost wages, etc. The program then statistically compares your claim with more than 250,000 other claims across America. It provides a print-out of your claim’s expected value, both in court and in settlement. We provide the JVR service for free on all claims that we accept. It’s a smart tool that helps our clients.

When you (or a family member) are injured, you are cast into an arena where insurance companies are lions … and you are not. Insurance companies have the biggest buildings in the world because we send them premiums every six months, and they don’t pay out any money. They just add another floor, and fill it with more money.

Don’t get eaten by the lions. Talk to a qualified Alaskan Personal Injury Attorney, for Free. He/she will help guide you through this process, even if they don’t take your case. Heck, I probably help ten people for every case I actually accept. And, I’m glad to do it. The good attorneys in this world owe a higher level of community service to places like Fairbanks, Alaska. It’s free and it’s easy.

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